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Chad Long

Black - Red - Blank:
A deck is completely shown to the audience. The only problem is that it contains only black cards. Suddenly, all the cards change to red, and then the deck turns blank! Finally, the cards return to normal... I use this all the time to open up a series of card effects.

Oil &Water:
An extremely clean version of this classic plot. Four red cards and four black cards are interlaced into red-black-red-black order. The eight cards are spread face-up to prove they are genuinely mixed. When turned face-down, however, the heavier black cards settle to the bottom, leaving the four red cards on top. Only eight cards are used, and they are shown mixed up until the very last second...

Full Deck Oil & Water:
The magician spreads all of the black cards face-up on the table, and spreads the red cards face-up below them. A small group of red cards is placed into the magician's left hand, followed by some blacks. The magician continues in this fashion, alternating red-black-red-black, until no more cards remain on the table. Then, without a single move, the deck is spread face-up on the table. Miraculously, all of the black cards are seen to have settled to the bottom, while the red cards remain on top! I always use this as a climax to the 'Oil &Water' routine above.

Another Rumor:
The four aces are shown and placed face-up on the table. A card is selected and returned to the deck. We'll assume it's the king of clubs. The magician asks the spectator to name the suit of their card. The aces are fanned and the ace of clubs has turned face-down. The deck is given a shake and one card pops out of the middle...the ace of clubs! The face-down card on the table is turned over. It's the spectator's king of clubs! This king is waved over the other three aces, and they change to kings as well! I do this trick for laymen all the time. The ending takes them completely by surprise.

Coins From Purse?:
A half dollar is dumped out of a small coin purse. Three more half dollars are produced from under the purse as it is rolled around on the table! This is a magical way of producing coins to use in another coin effect.